1033 Princess Highway, 3305

Track info

Due north 10.33km from Portland on the Princess Highway, Southern 500 Speedway is a 370 meter, slightly banked little clay bullring. It offers plenty of close racing classes including Sprintcars, SuperRods, Formula 500's, Speedcars, Limited Sportsman, Production Sedans, Standard Saloons & Junior Sedans. 

Race day info

Spectator gates open at 4pm each race night.

Racing begins at 5pm.

Pit Gates open from 2pm for sign in, we are usually there if you would like to arrive and set up earlier.

Camping at the track is available for drivers & family.

Our journey

Since 1955, Southern 500 Speedway has been a hub of motorsport excitement, steeped in a unique and rich history. Originally known as "Hi Pine," this iconic track was built on the Finck family's land and operated by Allan Finck. Its name paid homage to the towering pine trees that once surrounded it, giving the venue a distinctive charm. In 1972, Southern 500 Speedway underwent a transformative makeover, transitioning from its original dusty surface to become the first asphalt speedway in Australia. This marked a significant milestone for the track, coinciding with its acquisition by the Portland Hot Rod Club and the adoption of its current name.

While asphalt racing held its own allure, it became clear that local drivers needed more. In the early 1980s, Southern 500 Speedway made a remarkable shift back to dirt, simultaneously extending and widening the track to enhance the racing experience for all.

Continuing our commitment to excellence, we have consistently upgraded the venue over the years. The track has been widened to an impressive 22 meters, ensuring thrilling action on every lap. We have also prioritized safety, with upgraded lighting and enhanced safety fences. Our timekeeping methods have been modernized, making use of cutting-edge electronic systems. These efforts have earned us an AA safety rating from Speedway Australia, a testament to our dedication to the well-being of our participants.

Behind the scenes, our small but passionate club comprises 70 active members and 15 esteemed life members. Many of these individuals have been with us since the very beginning, contributing to the success and longevity of Southern 500 Speedway.